Wednesday, November 15, 2006

• “Roof performance”

Tbilisi’s urban neighborhood, Tbilisi, Georgia, June 2006
Collaboration with two visual artists Tamuna Chabashvili and Baia Sikharulidze

This 20 minute performance dealt with the reality and made up reality, or rather reality imposed on us.
During the performance, texts were read from the Georgian Cosmopolitan magazine listing down tips about how to make your body seem more desirable, more beautiful, how high heels can make you look better or how to judge men’s sexual potential according to his mobile telephone.
The billboard stating “Georgians, forwards to the King Agmashenebelis Georgia!” refers to an absurd wish of a Georgian society to reverse development of our country to the past, the performance demonstrated that reality can be much more absurd then art.

' Georgians! Let's move forward to Agmashenebeli King! ' - this phrase was written on one of the bill boards on the high way. It reflects very well political processes in Georgia, we have an aim to move forward to west, but in the same time we have nationalistic nostalgia of the 12th century, when Georgian Kingdom was influential in Caucasian region. We want to build democracy, but we need a strong leader, who will take responsibility and bring country to the prosperity, when we meanwhile can happily stay in the fairytale world.

Another City, Another Life
9th April – 17th August 2008
Zachęta Mały Salon and public space of Warsaw

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